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How do I create a batch transfer?

This guide explains batch transfers and how to create them. 

What is a batch transfer?

A batch transfer is the bundling of transactions to process them in a group or in bulk. Using our batch transfer function, you can upload a file to make multiple transfers at once. This saves you from having to create each transfer individually, reducing room for error and saving you a bunch of time!

How do I create a batch payment?

In order to create a batch payment, follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the fields under 'Generate sample batch file' and download the template in your format of choice
  2. Using this template, add in your data for all of your payments, save a copy to your computer, then upload it into the 'New batch payment' section
  3. Click 'Validate and get quote' and follow the prompts to finalise your transfers

What is the sample batch file?

The sample batch file is a template that you can download in order to make a batch payment.

Simply fill in the fields and click 'Download', and you'll have your template.

You can then use this template to add in the details of your payments, then upload it into 'New batch payment' to create the payments in one go.

What file format can I use for batch files?

The file formats accepted for batch files are .xlsx, .csv or .json.

If you are making Local AUD transfers, please see our article How to create a batch transfer using ABA files