What is a global account?

Your global accounts allow you to receive deposits into your account. It provides you with an account number so you to collect funds from various platforms such as PayPal, Amazon or your merchants via SWIFT and/or domestic payment methods.

How does a global account differ from a bank account?

Global accounts don’t hold any money, instead, they act as a gateway to collect payments. Once the payment is received, it is funnelled straight to the wallet of that currency. 

How is my global account different from my wallet?

Global accounts will collect the payments for you and transfer them all to your wallet. From the wallet (where your money is held), you'll be able to send payments.

For example, you might have multiple USD Global Accounts across various geographies. Once we receive payments to any of your USD Global Accounts, your USD wallet will be updated with the total amount which you can use immediately to make a transfer. We’ve simplified it for you by combining all your money into one account. 

​​How do I withdraw or transfer money from my global account?

Funds received via a Global Account are held in your wallet. Create a transfer to withdraw or sends funds to another bank account. See our Booking a Transfer guide.