Getting started with Qantas Business Money Cards

This article will walk you through some of your key questions about setting up, adding funds and using Cards. You can also check out our other articles here

How do I get a Qantas Business Money Card? 

You can create a Card by selecting 'Cards' on the left hand navigation and then selecting 'Create your first virtual card'. There’s no limit to the number of virtual cards you can create for your business. 

What is a virtual card and where can I use it?

A virtual card consists of a cardholder name, card number, card expiry date and card verification value (CVV) which can be used for online purchases wherever VISA is accepted.

How do I add funds to my card(s)?

Actually you don't have to add funds directly to your cards!

When you create one or multiple Qantas Business Money Cards, they will always be funded directly through your Wallet Balance. This means that if a card payment is getting declined due to insufficient funds, you may have to top up your Wallet in order to sufficiently fund your card(s).

Currently our cards support direct billing in 10 different currencies. Payments in these currencies will be pulled directly from your corresponding Wallet balance if available. If you have auto-conversions turned on, then funds will be pulled from your Home Currency if you don't have the required balance in the direct billing currency in question.

Please see the following article in regards to direct billing currencies for your cards and auto-conversions: What is the automatic conversions for cards?

Where can I find my card transactions? 

Your Card transactions will be displayed within the corresponding wallet balance and in the transaction view of the cards section.

Are there international transaction fees incurred with card transactions?

No. Our cards do not attract international transaction fees on purchases.

Please note, VISA provides a competitive exchange rate that is calculated daily and includes a small markup above the interbank rate depending on currency. However, VISA rates and their markups are subject to change and outside the control of Qantas Business Money.